Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Yes, To ensure that our Advertisers receive the highest quality service, we carefully review and certify all new publishers and websites. This helps us ensure that our ad formats are tailored to each publisher and website, and that they function seamlessly. By holding ourselves to high standards, we can guarantee that our Advertisers receive the best possible experience.

A: Yes, Our format can be tailored to meet your requirements in numerous ways, including, but not limited to, ad position, ad size, ad refresh, prebid (enabled/disabled), auto close, exit triggers, page suitability, background colour, and close button (enabled/disabled).

A: We use a consent management platform (CMP) to deliver our products to three key regions: the United States, the European Union (including the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein), and the rest of the world. By reading the value of the CMP, we can deliver our products to the United States only if the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) applies, to the European Union only if the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies, to the rest of the world only if neither GDPR nor CCPA apply, or to all regions or a combination of regions based on a publishers requirement.

This allows us to tailor our delivery to specific regions, giving us the flexibility to work alongside partners you may already have. This solution is only available to publishers who already use a CMP, and can also be implemented by the publisher through Google Tag Manager if desired.

Additionally, when this format is delivered via an ad server such as Google Ad Manager, the publisher can utilise Google’s geo-targeting capabilities. This allows for even more precision in delivering the right content to the right audience in the right location, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

A: We use Google AdX and AdSense to backfill our direct demand, which means we use the ad inventory available through AdX and AdSense to fill any remaining inventory after we have sold our direct demand (i.e. ad inventory that we have sold directly to advertisers). By using AdX and AdSense to backfill our direct demand, we are able to maximise fill and ad revenue for our publishers.

A: Yes, please speak to your account manager to get the latest copy of our ads.txt.

A: Yes, we take GDPR and CCPA seriously and query the CMP page to determine if either apply and make appropriate decisions based on a users consent choices.

A: With the appropriate permissions and storeOnDeviceConsent, we use cookies to ensure that users only see each ad once per session. If we are not included in your list of nonIabVendorConsents, then cookies are disabled by default, and users will see an ad on every page exit event. This helps us deliver a better and more personalised advertising experience while respecting users’ privacy preferences.

A: Publishers should add us to nonIabVendorConsents list, this allows us to get explicit consent. This is only required if InVue cookies are enabled.

A: Not always, if we require your MCM ID, your account manager will be in touch.

A: This is so we can setup and authorise your domain(s) in our system.

A: Yes, we have our own first party brand safety tools offering basic brand safety.

A: We offer a unique feature that we call page suitability, this checks the page to ensure it meets stringent requirements for words, paragraphs and images. This helps maintain the high standards expected by our Advertisiers.

A: Yes, we can block on certain page types e.g advertorials or a specific URLs. Please speak to your account manager if you require this service.

A: Prebid is a feature that is integrated with our products, but it is disabled by default to ensure the fastest ad response times. If you would like to enable Prebid, please speak to your account manager. We are always happy to help you get the most out of our products.

A: Yes, you can either provide us with the AdTag or a passback and we can run this through our service.

A: Yes, our format will work across all web traffic (excluding AMP).

A: Please contact your account manager who can raise a ticket with the appropriate team.